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Vision X XPR Long Range LED Light Bar UNIVERSAL

Brand: Vision X Lighting | Category: LED Lighting
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
XPR-6 11″ XPR LED Light Bar
6 10w LEDs
Straight Beam
XPR-12M 25″ XPR LED Light Bar
12 10w LEDs
Tilted Optics For Mixed Beam Pattern
XPR-15M 30″ XPR LED Light Bar
15 10w LEDs
Tilted Optics For Mixed Beam Pattern
XPR-18M 35″ XPR LED Light Bar
18 10w LEDs
Tilted Optics For Mixed Beam Pattern
XPR-21M 40″ XPR LED Light Bar
21 10w LEDs
Tilted Optics For Mixed Beam Pattern
XPR-24M 46″ XPR LED Light Bar
24 10w LEDs
Tilted Optics For Mixed Beam Pattern
XPR-27M 51″ XPR LED Light Bar
27 10w LEDs
Tilted Optics For Mixed Beam Pattern
XPR-3 6″ XPR LED Light Bar
3 10w LEDs
Straight Beam

Product Description

Continuing with the mission to revolutionize the lighting industry, Vision X Lighting is proud to announce the XPR LED Light Bar. Utilizing top-binned 10-Watt LEDs and large proprietary 1.5” diameter IRIS Reflectors, the XPR Light Bar is capable of reaching distances of 2,080 feet of usable light (51″ XPR-27M). This unmatched long-distance projection is also accompanied by precisely tilted IRIS Reflectors that create a unique combination beam pattern to provide even more visibility at the road’s edge.

The XPR features a new lifespan boosting heat sink design that utilizes deep horizontal fins within the high-quality aluminum housing to dissipate heat produced from the high-powered 10-Watt LEDs. Whether it’s a desolate frozen road in Alaska or on the race course in Baja, off-road champions and transportation professionals alike have relied on the XPR technology to exceed their demands in extreme temperatures and rugged terrain.

The XPR Light Bar is available in eight popular sizes: 6”, 11”, 25”, 30”, 35” 40” 46” and 51”. Each comes complete with a wiring harness for a quick installation. The XPR also features Vision X’s strong Lifetime Warranty to ensure craftsmanship, durability, and dependability for many years to come.

The XPR includes multiple mounting options in the box. Choose from Vision X Lighting’s patented bottom feet mounts that absorb vibration via rubber inserts, or use the included aluminum side-wings with rubber grommets and firmly mount to the light bar with two bolts on each side. XPR owners can also opt out of using the side-wings to directly end-cap mount the light bar with End-Cap Bolts sold as an accessory (XIL-PECM [9889191]). These mounting options allow you to utilize the XPR Light Bar in almost any application without the need for additional parts.

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