SSA28 - SuperSprings Leaf Springs

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Part #: SSA28
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Year Model SubModel Cylinders Liter Aspiration Eng Desg. Fuel Notes
2009 - 2013 F-150 ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL

Product Description

SuperSprings Custom Suspension Stabilizer and Sway-Control Kit 2009 – 2012 F-150 by Ford

Upgrade your rear suspension by installing these beefy helper leaf springs above your Ford F-150’s factory leaf springs. SuperSprings significantly reduce sway and prevent sagging, so this kit is perfect for those who often tow or haul heavy loads.


Reinforce your Ford F-150’s rear suspension with extra leaf springs that prevent sagging and reduce sway by up to 30 percent
Work like sway bars to stabilize your OEM springs and keep them from twisting
Compensate for windy conditions, wind turbulence from big rigs, and weight shifts when you’re cornering
Lift your truck when you are carrying a heavy load and prevent bottoming out
Adjust automatically to your payload
Rollers on each end of the SuperSprings activate when the OEM springs flex under load
Rollers deactivate when OEM springs aren’t under load
Customizable – the shackles attaching the SuperSprings provide several options for installation
Choose a setting that increases load support and ride height for constant heavy loads or to compensate for minor spring fatigue in an older automobile
Choose a setting that maintains the original factory ride conditions and minimizes effect on unloaded ride quality and height
Choose a medium setting that balances support, height and ride comfort
Install easily – bolt on above your existing factory springs with no drilling required
For some models with factory springs that set above the axle, the included poly spring pads prevent shifting
Dense polyurethane blocks seat between the top of the factory springs and the underside of the SuperSprings
Require no maintenance – no tubing or air pressure to monitor or adjust like air springs
Save money
Extend the life of brakes, tires and the factory suspension
Less expensive than air spring systems
Made in the USA

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