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PML Differential Covers

Brand: PML Covers | Category: Differentials

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Product Description

PML manufactures and sells extra capacity differential covers for cars, trucks, SUVs, and motor homes.

Here at PML, we design our front and rear end differential covers to address the needs of towing, hauling, recreation, and racing applications with straight-forward, practical designs.

PML makes front and rear end covers for American Axle (AAM), Chevrolet/GM, Dana, Chrysler/Dodge, Ford, Ford/Sterling, and Nissan differentials.

Benefits of PML Front and Rear End Covers

PML differential covers feature:

Increased oil capacity and raised fins for cooler oil temperatures
Made from aluminum for better heat transfer than steel
Magnetic drain plug allows oil changes without removing the cover
Machined gasket surface for secure seal using RTV or factory reusable gasket
Thick wall sand cast construction to add strength to the differential housing
Thick gasket flange will not bend when bolts are tightened
Mounting hardware provided
Available in as-cast aluminum, black powder coated, and polished finishes

There are many reasons to buy a PML differential cover. Although the features depend on the application, the short of it is that a PML diff cover will save you time and money. We design covers with oil fill, level check and drain holes to make oil changes easy. Changing the oil at regular intervals is the best thing you can do for the life of your differential.

High temperatures cause oil to lose its ability to lubricate, increasing wear and tear on the differential. This is especially a concern for vehicles in harsh driving conditions such as towing or hauling. The extra oil capacity, raised fins, and aluminum construction of PML differential covers help reduce oil temperatures. The magnetic drain plug traps metal particles in the oil to further prevent wear.

PML rear and front end diff covers also feature precision-machined 3/8-inch thick gasket flanges for a leak free seal. The thick wall sand-cast aluminum construction adds strength to the differential housing. Many covers feature a boss that can be drilled and tapped for a temperature sensor. Mounting hardware (bolts, washers, plugs) is included.

Finally, PML covers look great. We offer a choice of finishes: natural as-cast, black powder coated with shaved fins, or polished. PML does not feature our logo or name on our covers, just solid design and construction.

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