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Lifetime LED Phantom Sun Light Bars UNIVERSAL

Brand: Lifetime LED Lights | Category: LED Lighting
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
LLLPS-672-7 50" Phantom Sun Light Bar
LLLPS-588-7 40" Phantom Sun Light Bar
LLLPS-252-7 20" Phantom Sun Light Bar
LLLPS-420-7 30" Phantom Sun Light Bar

Product Description

The Phantom Sun light bars are the brightest light bar on the planet, get ready for people to think you can make the sun rise.

Configure in a dual row design with the use specially designed optics, not only are the LEDs brighter but they are more focused with less spread. Giving you the ability to see farther than ever before. No other light bar can do what these can.

Our use of 7w Phillips chips gives you the confidence that these will last a lifetime, so they are warrantied for a lifetime. The color temp of these lights is 6000k, for a nice white light that will help you see whats in front of you.

The housings of these lights are bigger than any other on the market, they use 2 mounting holes per side and they must both be used. The weight and size of these bars means that they will not fit in normal mounts, you will need to custom mount them if not using the provided mounting hardware.

If you are looking for the best and brightest, you have found it. Nothing else being sold today compares to the light output that the Phantom Sun series of light bars.

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