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ICON Hydraulic Bumpstop Kits

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Product Description

ICON Vehicle Dynamics now offers bolt-in hydraulic bumpstop kits for several popular offroad vehicles. These kits reduce rear-end “kick” and helps to improve the overall off road performance of the vehicle. The OEM rubber bumpstops have a limited energy absorption capacity that is released rather uncontrollably upon rebound, resulting in a harsh ride and ill-handling vehicle in rough terrain. The ICON hydraulic bumpstops are velocity sensitive which means that the amount of energy absorbed increases the faster they are engaged, so those harsh g-outs and square edges are less likely to interrupt your off road adventures. Vehicles equipped with the ICON hydraulic bumpstop kit will have an increased bottom-out resistance over stock, as well as an improved drivability offroad. These kits install easily, and the bump stops are fully rebuildable with the ability to be tuned for a custom ride. With a simple installation, proven effectiveness, and no loss in travel there is no reason not to bolt up the ICON Vehicle Dynamics hydraulic bumpstop Kit to your ride and experience the difference.

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