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EBC Sport Rotors

Brand: EBC Brakes | Category: Brake Rotors

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Product Description


EBC Sport Rotors ensure optimal braking performance with their unique design
Custom-fit rotor directly replaces your stock discs to work with factory components
No modification needed
More powerful braking than stock discs
Wide-mouth slots cool surface temperatures by expelling hot gasses
Precisely-bored dimples protect against brake fade
No cracking allowed: Dimpled rotors feature stable construction
Constructed for durability and optimal strength for the long haul
Pre-balanced for wobble-free, smooth use
Anodized-zinc coating prevents corrosion
Available in pairs for the front and rear of your vehicle
EBC Sport Rotors are backed by a 6-month/5,000-mile warranty


When you come to a sudden stop, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your brakes are up to par. Whether you screech to a halt or lightly tap on the pedal, the friction increases your discs’ temperatures. Keep your discs at cooler temps and ensure that your brakes are in for the long run by investing in EBC Sport Rotors.

These Sport Rotors provide optimal braking performance thanks to their ability to keep your discs cooler, no matter how much sudden stopping you do. The wide-mouth slots on your EBC Sport Brake Rotors draw air over the rotor’s surface to cool the discs. Dirt and debris are simultaneously pushed to the rotor’s edge, resulting in extended durability, improved looks and even pad wear.

EBC Sport Brakes feature precision dimples designed to combat brake fade. These dimpled rotors break down brake gasses for firm pedal response, and their high-quality construction ensures that they last for years to come. With the black or gold anodized-zinc coating available, you can achieve a sporty look while protecting your new rotors from corrosion. For added peace-of-mind, your EBC rotors are backed by a 6-month/5,000-mile warranty.

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