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Air LIft Load Controller UNIVERSAL

Brand: Airlift | Category: Truck Suspension
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25651 Dual Gauge Setup
25655 Single Gauge Setup

Product Description


Slash the time it takes to fill your air shocks in half with the Load Controller I by Air Lift
Your Load Controller I is twice as fast as the entry-level Load Controller II
The perfect economical on board air control system for hauling heavy loads and towing horse trailers, 5th wheelers, boats and more
Your dash-mounting Load Controller I lets you make precise air level adjustments right from the comfort of your driver’s seat
Available as either a single or dual system
Single Gauge System: fills your left- and right-side air shocks simultaneously for even leveling and solid roll stability; adjusts up to 100psi—ideal for pickups with light trailers, heavy vans and SUVs, and cars with rear coil springs
Dual Gauge System: your choice of either front-to back or side-to-side control; adjusts up to 100psi—great for pickups with campers and motorhomes with rear air springs
Your Load Controller I comes complete with everything your vehicle needs for a straightforward installation—air compressor, gauge dash panel, air lines, fittings, connectors and detailed instructions
Comes with a 2-year “unlimited mileage” warranty


Time is money. Idling around while you wait for your sluggish compressor to fill your air shocks is like shoveling greenbacks into a furnace. For lightning-fast shock adjustments, equip your rig with the Load Controller I. More hare than tortoise, this on board air control system uses a powerful 12-volt compressor that makes quick work of inflating or deflating your air bags.

Just how speedy is your Load Controller I? It moves air twice as fast as the Load Controller II, so the job takes half the time! Plus, your Load Controller I gives you the power to fine-tune your air shocks right from your rig’s helm.

Air Lift’s Load Controller I comes in either a single or dual unit. The single system adjusts front-to-back for even leveling and solid roll stability. With the versatile dual system, you can pick between either front-to-back or side-to-side adjustments. Comes complete with all mounting hardware, gauges and a 2-year warranty.

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